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A day of secret promises

The dream like fantasy "to elope" is one that conjures an image of excitement- and where better than the Whitsundays!

Your Seaside Celebrant

For couples who wish to celebrate this momenteous occassion with the minimum of fuss an "elopement style" ceremony could well be what they envisage.


The meaning of "elope" is to "run away secretly" this could well describe

the ultimate dream for many couples.


The simplicity of a basic wedding format can include the minimum involvement of four persons, the wedding couple and two witnesses.

Within our first consultation we can formulate your ceremony and ensure all legal obligations are met.



I will have great pleasure in presenting you with a  copy of your cereomony and  your Marriage Certificate as a memento of your special day.


Just the mention of the word " Elope"creates an illusion of dream like images and secret promises.  It would be a pleasure to officiate your special day of celebrations - your Wedding Ceremony.



Please contact me to discuss the many varied ceremonies that may suit your specific needs, I will have pleasure in sourcing your ideal ceremony!


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