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Your Personal Journey


To capture the essence of both you and your partner you may decide to write your own unique ceremony.


Your Seaside Celebrant
Your Seaside Celebrant
By selecting this style of ceremony, we can explore the personal story you wish to share with your family and guests. Being presented with your unique journey and the passage you have chosen to follow, I can incorporate all the relevant legal obligations required in your ceremony.


I will have pleasure in providing you with any assistance in the creation of your ceremony supplying you with readings and vows that may reflect your personal commitment.  The most important component of this celebration is that you are telling your own individual story.  As you have chosen to join together in marriage the passage leading to this momentous occasion is yours to tell.



My main objective is to ensure that you are both satisfied and confident in your choice of words to express your journey leading to this day of merriment.


I will ensure all legal documents are lodged within the specified time and my selection of attire will reflect your choice in colours.  I prefer to conduct a rehearsal prior to your uniquely created ceremony so each person you may have selected to take part knows their specific role. I shall provide my PA system to ensure your ceremony is audible to all guests .



I will have great pleasure in presenting you with a  copy of your ceremony and  your Marriage Certificate as a memento of your special day.


Your experiences have brought you to this place ready to fulfil your dreams; it would be both a pleasure and an honour to officiate your unique Wedding Ceremony. 



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